Monetary Democracy – The Economic System for Humanity

The New Introductory Video

Now there is a new introductory video on YouTube that gives a quick, basic overview of Monetary Democracy (MD) in 14 mins. The film is an animated flight with a 3D effect, through 6 aspects of MD. All to a beautiful background music. If you have not yet got a grasp of what Monetary Democracy is, now is your chance. Replay it in HD quality for the best picture quality if your device supports it. At present the book is available in Swedish only but there are plans for an English edition.

The background music is from Gustav Mahlers symphony Nr 5, the Adagietto. “A symphony should be like the world. It must contain everything” This is how Mahler describes his music. Likewise it is how I view monetary democracy. A society must strive to be like the world. It should contain everything.

Anders Silverfall M.Sc. Systematology Systems scientist

English translation of the video by Nigel Wells

The video is also available in Swedish

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